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Swimming Pool Repairs PRETORIA

If you are looking for a reliable pool company you have come to the right place.

We have significant experience in pool renovations of all types, regardless of age or construction type. Cvp Pools offer the quality and reliability that reflects an established and professional pool company.

A Swimming Pool Renovation by Cvp Pools is one of South Africa’s premiere pool remodelling and pool resurfacing company. We provide custom pool renovation & restoration contractor services in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

By utilising the utmost quality materials and expert personnel in this field, it is our aim to assist our customers with creative and cost effective solutions for pool repairs, and fibreglass pool renovations.

We think a satisfied happy customer is the only honourable conclusion to a pool project, and our brand stands for just that. Let us bid for your backyard enjoyment – your business.

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  Pool Renovations

Common Reasons why Johannesburg Residents Remodel:

  • Refresh pool surfaces, tiles, decking, and coping
  • Upgrade pool equipment to the latest and greatest
  • Convert to a saltwater system
  • Create a more entertaining space, add decked areas
  • New smooth pool finishes and surfaces, re-plastering
  • Add new pool features such as fountains, lights, or a spa
  • Improve the pool system’s energy efficiency

Preparation is the Key to Success.

  • Not all resurface jobs are the same. Resurfacing lasts only if the old surface is properly prepared. After removing all the loose materials and water blasting, applying a full-coverage bonding agent is essential. This costs more, but it’s well worth it.

Beware of the Low Bid

  • Quality materials and methods cost more than cutting corners. When you gather bids for your resurface job, make sure the companies you choose have been in business for years, and have a track record of doing a quality job and honouring warranties.

We Create Inviting & Elegant Backyard Spaces in South Africa

So when your existing swimming pool needs more than basic service or repair, you need seasoned design, pool-construction & technology experts to give it a total makeover. Let Cvp Pools deliver more than you ever imagined possible with a complete modernization and style update. Creative pool design coupled with state-of-the-art updates will not only provide a more modern, more attractive pool scape, but will also save time & money, enhance comfort & safety, and ensure a backyard resort that’s easier to own.

Our core business focuses on pool re-surfacing / re-lining and our quotes are fiercely competitive.

Clients can also opt to select a new pool colour, and also have a wide variety of new, modern screen-printed mosaic designs to chose from.