Swimming pool Leak Detection


A leaking swimming pool can lead to costly excess water consumption and over time cause bigger, more expensive problems to your property. If your swimming pool, spa or fountain has a leak we can help you find it quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced pool leak detection personnel provide accurate and reliable pool leak detection services, using advanced non-invasive leak detection methods and the latest in leak detection technologies.

During the pool leak detection process, we examine and test a swimming pool’s suction line, return lines, weirs, light fittings and the pool’s structure. Our trained staff also know exactly what to look for and which questions to ask for a complete examination of your swimming pool.

Once we have identified all the leaks our swimming pool repair & renovation service can assist in the repair of the leaks.

We do underwater pool leak detection in both domestic and commercial pools (school pools, gym pools, etc.) as well as underground reservoirs, water tanks, etc. We also do underwater repairs of marblite cracks or holes in marblite found to be leaking.

Underwater repairs mean that the pool’s water does not need to be drained and so our clients are able to save both water and the cost of re-filling their pool.

We use Cemcrete’s underwater pool patching which can be colour matched to the colour of the Marbelite in the pool being repaired.

Do you suspect your pool has a leak?

Well If you are continuously topping up with water at least once a week then you do. This is a sure telling sign.

Does your pool cleaner work for only a few minutes when you start up the pump and then completely stops? This is also one of the sure telling signs.

Most pool leaks can loose a fortune of water in no time. In one month you can lose over 50 000 liters of water which is a huge waste of water in today’s times of drought and El Nino weather.

Please see the table below which will show you the shocking amount of water loss on just very small leaks.

If you suspect your pool is leaking do not try and find or fix it yourself. You have come to the right place. We are experts in the field of leak detection and repair. Save yourself the stress before you end up with a nightmare and a fortune of a water bill and a fly by night pool company that will take you for a ride.

We are experts in the field of pool leak detection and do reports for major insurance companies who only use reputable companies.

We also use the most up to date specialized equipment available that will detect exactly where the problem/s lie.

A single tap that drips one drop per second loses 981 liters per month.





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