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fiberglass Swimming Pools are some of the most common constructions in Pretoria due to the huge flexibility in the shape and design. Using a fiberglass coating before applying tiles to the inside walls of the pool provides a great water tight seal and will ensure a rock solid structure. The shape of the pool and the ability to provide different depths make this the common choice for many domestic installations and and is certainly the most cost effective method.

Natural Rock Pools are a favorite among customers looking for that unique touch. Using a fiberglass or concrete base, the pool is then built up using natural rock and stone to ensure that the swimming pools fit seamlessly into the landscape of the garden. Again, the choices for sizes and shapes, depths and finishes are virtually endless and only leaves it to the imagination on design, type of rock and stone to be used and what sort of shape you with the pool to be in your Pretoria Home

Concrete pools are more common among those looking for lager pools of a more standard oblong or right angled design. The pros for a concrete pool are that the construction time is usually a lot quicker and the structure is extremely strong. This is a bonus on bigger pools due to the shear volume of water that is used to fill it. The concrete pool is popular among commercial applications and for domestic pools bigger than 15 meters in length. Simply call us today inn Pretoria for more information 081 206 1337

Leak Detection and Repairs

Leaks not only increase your water bill they can affect the structural integrity of your pool. CVP Pools are experts in leak detection and repairs, contact us now if you think your pool needs our attention.

Pool Pump Repairs and Replacements

Your pool pump is the heart of your pool and a faulty pump can put your entire pool system under strain. If you think your pool pump isn’t running as optimally as it should, get in touch, we’ll sort it out.

Pool Relining

Like anything pools age and wear and tear is normal. If your pool needs relining look no further than CVP Pools. With over 15 years in the business we can fix anything you can throw at us.

Paving and Tiling

Paving gets misaligned and tiles get cracked. Whether you’re looking for repairs or want to re-imagine your pools surroundings we’ve got you covered.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues aren’t just annoying they can be dangerous too. If you think your pool’s electrics aren’t behaving as they should get in touch, you guessed it, we’re experts at pool electrical issues too.


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