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Swimming Pool Repairs

Heater installation, filter Installation, Pump and Motor Installation, Pool Light Replacement , Leak Detection Services ,Pool plumbing repair and green pool cleaning

A swimming pool is a form of a water tank that is used solely for swimming and recreational purposes. A few years after you have newly built your swimming pool, it will require more attention than just regular maintenance for functioning of daily use. While CVP SWIMMING  Pools can help you with major repairs, smaller adjustments can be done with the help of one of our repair kits. Some common problems faced by aging swimming pools are as follows:

  • Maintenance of the chemistry in the water
  • Holes and tears occurring in vinyl liners
  • Clogging of filters
  • Malfunctioning pumps

CVP SWIMMING  Pools specializes in swimming pool repairs CVP SWIMMING  Pools for residential as well as commercial swimming pools. Our repair services include replacing linings, replacing cracked or missing tiles, repairing cracks, grouting, and resurfacing. The materials used, such as adhesives, epoxies and mortars are specially selected by our professional staff in order to provide best quality of repair services to our clients. You can depend on our team of experts to handle any sort of problems related to your swimming pool because our long history has allowed us to obtain experience in handling unique pool repairs in South Africa situations. CVP SWIMMING Pools has a growing professional reputation in the swimming pools industry and are well known for our quality of workmanship.

What is involved in swimming pool repairs?

Concrete and gunite pools

These often need re-plastering as they age. With these in ground pools, common problems are the appearance of hollow spots, cracking and chipping, and wear sports show up below the plaster which makes the gunite visible. Swimming pool owners could use a repair kit from CVP SWIMMING  Pools to fix such problems or else, simply call us to have a look and fix the issue for you.

Fiberglass pools

Blisters, bubbles and cracks are very common with fiberglass pools. These problems can be fixed with a repair kit. However, with fiberglass pools, it is very difficult to match the colour of the fiberglass when repairing it; hence the patch is always visible. Therefore, we advice our customers to seek help from trained professionals at CVP SWIMMING  Pools  to do a neat job in disguising the repair.

Vinyl pools

Whether it is a leak or a crack, vinyl pools are very simple to repair with a repair kit. Although you can fix the problem underwater, we advice customer to drain out the water and then fix the problem for most permanent results. The vinyl patch should completely dry before you pour water into the pool.
With vinyl pools, you also have to take good care of the vinyl liner, failing which, damage is a common occurrence. For proper maintenance of the vinyl liner, the pH level in the water should always be above 7.0. If this level lowers, then complex reactions may take place in the water and the vinyl liner will expand as a result. Wrinkles will develop on the liner and the liner will gradually degrade. In addition to the pH levels, excess chlorine in the water can also damage the vinyl liner.

Maintaining water balance

The most basic and mandatory criteria in maintaining a swimming pool is to make sure the water chemistry is correct at all times. The water should be regularly sanitized with chlorine in order to kill harmful contaminants. When the chlorine comes in contact with contaminants, it loses its power and fails to protect the water. If this happens, fresh chlorine should be added. Also, as mentioned above, the pH levels in the water should not fall below 7.0.

When should you seek the help of professionals at CVP Pools?

The aforementioned examples were a few that could be treated by swimming pool owners with the help of a repair kit. Cracks, minor leaks, chips, blisters and so on are small problems fix-able without the help of a professional.

However, in the case of major problems, hiring the services of CVP SWIMMING  Pools is highly advised to fix the issue without making it further complicated. Bigger issues include problems with the filtration system, plumbing errors, and larger cracks and so on. Solving these problems becomes a simple task if the help of a professional is taken because they have the required skills, knowledge and experience to handle the issue easily.

If you try to fix the problem by yourself and instead make it a bigger, complicated issue, you will end up spending more unnecessarily in fixing the overall issue. Hire a professional to regularly maintain your swimming pool because neglecting swimming pool maintenance is one of the core reasons that lead to difficult and expensive swimming pool repairs.



Pool Services provides monthly maintenance services, including:

  • Heater installation and repair (Natural Gas Heaters – Propane Heaters – Electric Heat Pumps)
  • Filter Installation and Repair (Sand – DE – Cartridge)
  • Pump and Motor Installation and Repair
  • Salt Chlorine Generator Installation and Repair
  • Automation Installation and Repair
  • Chemical Feeder Installation and Repair (Frog, Hayward Chlorinators)
  • Pool Light Replacement and Repair
  • Leak Detection Services (Pressure Tests for Pool Plumbing, Liner Inspection)
  • Pool plumbing repair (Pipes, Fittings, Valves)
  • Liner Repair (Hole Patching, Liner tucking into the track)
  • Safety Cover Repair and Installation