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Whatever pool cover you are looking for you have come to the right place with over  years experience in the pool industry. Our pool safety covers come in a variety of amazing colors to choose from.

We also supply and install solar blankets which not only stops water evaporation but also keep the heat in your pool and helps warm up your pool. Our solar blankets are 500micron standard thickness with a 2 year warranty. Don’t accept anything less than this as these will deteriorate quickly with the sun over time.

This works as a stand alone or together especially with solar heating or a heat pump installed. These are available in blue and black.

Our pool safety covers prevent kids drowning 100% of the time. We unfortunately do not install pool nets anymore as the current legislation insists you must install a pool fence with a pool net at the same time.

This not only costs more but does not look very ascetically pleasing to most people. Our pool covers come in a lovely selection of colors.

Our pool opening service includes:
  • Installation of all Deck Equipment (Ladder, Handrails, Diving Board, Lights)
  • Installation of skimmer Basket/s and Return Eyeballs
  • Prime and Start Pool Pump
  • Light Heater Pilot
  • Visually Inspect Pump, Filter, and Heater for Proper Operations
  • Add Chlorine Tablets, Super Chlorination (Shock), and an Algaecide Treatment

As fall and winter approach, it comes time to close your pool in order to best take care of it. A pool is an expensive investment, and to protect it, a professional should handle your pool closing.

Our pool closing service includes:
  • Removal of all Deck Equipment, such as Ladders, Handrails, Lights. (We do not remove Diving Boards Due to Liability.)
  • Removal of Skimmer Basket’s and Return Eyeballs
  • Blowout of All Pool Related Water Lines using an “Air Compressor”. We also add Antifreeze where needed.
  • Proper Winterizing of Pool Equipment (Filter, Pumps, Heater, Chlorinator, Etc.)
  • Addition of Winter Chemicals (Non-Chlorine Shock, Winter Algaecide, Mineral Control Agent)

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