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Leak Detection


Swimming pools are fun for all the family, great to keep fit, a haven to relax in and the focus of attention. Unfortunately, they can also be utterly frustrating when they leak, water is not cheap when constantly filling a pool. The fear is the pool structure is leaking but the reality is that this is rarely the case, often the damage is from frost or failed termination and quite close to the surface or edge of the pool. Finding it though, can be a challenge; tiles and concrete make small repairs difficult, if only the leak could be localised…
Regardless of whether the pool is full or empty Cvp swimming pool have a proven method of finding leaks in the pipes or pool structure…
Our Team uses specialist techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to locate hidden swimming pool leaks, saving you time and money on leak detection and the overall repair job. Our technical expertise provides a cost-effective solution for resolving any swimming pool leak you may discover.

What is swimming pool leak detection?

At Cvp swimming pool Leak Detection, our team is fully qualified to offer non-destructive leak detection for your swimming pool. This service avoids the necessity of carrying out a large-scale excavation, considerably reducing costs and cutting down the time required to detect the leak.

The main signs of a leaking swimming pool are:

  • excess water consumption (i.e. you have to top your pool up more than once a week)
  • excess chemical usage
  • pool has air in the system
  • pool surrounds subsiding
  • constant wet spots around the pool

The Benefits Of Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Swimming pool leak detection service providers can help you by detecting a leaky place in your pool and provide you clear instructions on how to maintain it. Even a small leak can devastate everything in your pool. So you need to select the right swimming pool leak detection company. They can handle all pool leak detection and repair services with latest pool leak detection tools. The following are the benefits of using a swimming pool leak detection service:
· Leak Detection Service
· Plumbing Service